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Evolve Your Game

Welcome to Evolve Your Game

One of the biggest families in the game and probably the most diverse catering for every style of clash of clans gameplay.

  • Adult zone. Kid free family since many of us are babysitting all day in real life so the last thing we want to do is babysit in this game!
  • A family that actually delivers on its promises in these types of posts instead of being another stereotypical post with broken promises to get you through the door.
  • Massive events including community Vs community wars, inter clan stuff, themed events, casual events, giveaways as well as a load of other stuff.
  • Competitive clans, esl play, sccwl champion 1 clans, CWL, NDL, MLCW opportunities, casual play, farming clans, multiple Max town hall clans, FWA clans, inter family SCCWL alliances for mixed clans and of course regular war clans. Does anyone else have that sort of diverse family?
  • Fun channels on the discord server... More importantly a discord server that's actually mega active after 2 years and not some washed up server. Family friend role is available if your curious or just want to rock up and have a laugh, think you might be interested in joining this family with your clan or if you just want to be nosey.
  • Well I could ramble on endlessly about stuff you probably don’t care about but you get the jist of this family and here's the discord link if your still reading this.

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