Line Bot

Use BurntBase directly from your line group. Upload an image directly on line and use a simple command to get 3 star base results instantly.

Use your solo burntbase subscription, or purchase a clan subscription, so everyone in your group can scan bases and strategize with your whole clan.

How to Use

1 Install the line bot on your server.
2 Link your line account with your account. You can do this by using the "linkbb" bot command.
3 Upload an image in the line group where the bot is installed. If it is a valid clash of clans base image, the bot will search for matching base results.

Bot Commands


Get a link to latest Burntbase announcement.


Get a url to link your Line account with Burntbase account. (Direct Message Only)


Get an invite to official Burntbase Discord server.


Get a link to Burntbase website.


Get a link to your Burntbase dashboard.


Get a link to your Burntbase profile.


Get a link to Burntbase subscription/checkout page.


See your active Burntbase subscriptions.


Get the current line group id to use with the Clan subscriptions on checkout.


Get your user id if required by Burntbase support team.

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